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New Books
Echo North
Shatter the suns
Famous in a small town
Inventing Victoria
Even if I fall
Legacy of light
96 words for love
Analiese rising
In Paris with you
Light as a feather
My almost flawless Tokyo dream life
Our year of maybe
White stag
Pumpkin spice secrets
Hunt for the devil
The Redcoats are coming!
TBH, too much drama
Dragon Pearl
A royal wedding
Creepy-crawly birthday
The great leprechaun chase
A kiss for you
A little book about ABCs
Everything is mama
Peter Rabbit 123 : a counting book
25 women who thought of it first
Paddle perch climb : bird feet are neat
1919 the year that changed America
You make me happy
A t-wit for a t-woo
Chicken talk
Dr. Snow has got to go!
Albert Einstein
Sleep like a tiger